How do you take care of fresh sod?

First thing is getting the sod off the pallet and onto your yard, you want to make sure that the sod is laid within 24hrs of delivery because the grass can actually heat up so much in the rolls that it kills the grass.

Next thing is watering, you want to make sure you do not let the sod dry out at all for the first 2 weeks. This means soaking it so that the water is going through the sod and into the soil below it. Best watering times are morning and evening. Watering during the heat of the day can put stress on the grass (but it is still better then not watering). Once the two weeks is done you still should keep an eye on your grass and water it periodically to ensure it does not dry out too much.

Rolling the sod after you are done laying the sod is up to your discretion, it may give you a better final grade if you have spongy soil but should not effect the rooting process.

When can I mow my new lawn?

You should wait at least 2 weeks to mow your new lawn. You want to ensure that the roots have begun to grip the soil. Test this by lightly pulling up on the sod, if you feel resistance, then the roots have begun to grab the soil!

For the first time mowing your new lawn you want to start with your mower in its highest position, this ensures you are not cutting too much of the blade off and stressing out your new grass.

General Sod Information

Each piece of sod measures 2ft by 5ft (10 sq ft)

Each piece of sod weighs between 25 – 35 pounds. This changes with moisture content.

Each pallet contains 70 pieces of sod which covers 700 sq ft and weighs approximately 2000 lb

Should I fertilize the sod while laying it?

The sod has been fertilized in the field before delivery, fertilizing it while laying may risk overfertilization. we recommend waiting at least till the end of the 2 week watering process to start a fertilizing routine.